Outstanding Master Gardeners 2016

Jim Mailloux & Jim Smith

Graduating in the MG class of 2009, they have given a total of 4,471 volunteer hours in 8 yrs (1,184 this year alone) and received 230 education hours.

Beautiful, meticulous and whimsical describe their work in the gardens. The Dahlia Garden (that they plant, propagate and show); as well as the Garden Art garden, which includes unique ornamentals, vegetables and original art, are just two of their projects in the Display & Ideas Gardens.

Their activities included - planting seeds, weeding, watering, propagating, showing, judging, harvesting, hauling, mulching, painting, helping with construction, encouraging, educating and being an avid voice for the MGs. Providing artistic touches in the gardens by repurposing and reusing obsolete items is a signature element of their designs. Attending meetings, writing, promoting, cooking baking, Art in Bloom, Etc. Etc. Etc.

From participating in the goal setting meeting, to spearheading the $26,600 irrigation project, to using their community contacts for funding, it’s clear how daring this duo can be. A dependable and dedicated couple are our OMGs for 2017. Congratulations!