Started in 1988, MGATC has over 200 members with a wide variety of gardening interests.  Membership requires taking the Purdue Master Gardener Program training, and completing volunteer hours in our gardens or our community projects. MGATC facilitates getting the volunteer and educational hours required to maintain Purdue Master Gardener status.  A Purdue Master Gardener can also provide information and knowledge to people in their community on home horticulture and gardening. The group holds monthly meetings with guest speakers, and public workshops on a variety of gardening topics scheduled throughout the year.

The Purdue Master Gardener Program is an integral part of the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service and provides the citizens of Indiana a framework to increase their knowledge on a wide variety of horticultural subjects and techniques.  

We invite you to see our Garden Projects, attend our Events, and join us by becoming a  
Purdue Master Gardener.


Congratulations MGATC Master Gardeners Mickey Penrod and Sue Swick for winning FIRST PLACE in the  ALL-AMERICA SELECTIONS FIFTH ANNUAL LANDSCAPE DESIGN CONTEST

Building on the Pollinator Education theme, MGATC created a tagline for this year’s garden of ‘Pathways for Pollinators’ which took advantage of established garden structures like star-shaped raised beds and the pathways through those beds. A map of the garden and signage throughout clearly explained each garden area and its purpose for pollinator health. Volunteers strategically planted AAS Winners and native plants along the pathways which allowed them to educate garden visitors on the importance of native plants and annuals for a successful vegetable garden.