Master Gardener Volunteer Hours Report(pdf)    updated (12/18)

MGATC Membership Application & Dues (pdf)       updated (12/18)

  • This form is necessary for membership with the Master Gardener Association of Tippecanoe County. It must be filled out and returned to Billie Seaton every year by the January monthly meeting, along with your annual dues. Your annual dues will allow access to the Garden Beet by email, the 'Members Only' area on the website, members list "green book", and the monthly educational seminars, as well as, voting rights during the annual election.

Purdue Master Gardener Volunteer Application (pdf)      updated (12/18)

  • This form needs to be completed annually to remain a Purdue Master Gardener volunteer. This agreement can be completed online on your MG Manager account here: Or returned to Karen Mitchell. Photo ID's will be checked the first time the form is completed. The completed and signed forms can be mailed or returned to the Tippecanoe County Extension Office at 3150 Sagamore Parkway South, Lafayette, IN 47905.

  • The accompanying Purdue Master Gardener Program Policy Guide can be found HERE.

Request for Reimbursement (pdf)
Sales Tax Exception information (pdf)
Master Gardener Tax Exempt form 2019  (pdf)
Proposed Master Gardener Project (doc)  (pdf)
MGATC Fundraising Guidelines (pdf)
Master Gardener Trellis & Vines (doc)  (pdf)
Seed Identification Form for Scholarships (doc)  (pdf)
Fund Development Form (doc) (pdf)(originals were corrupt)
Inventory of volunteer interests form (doc) (pdf)
Publicity Request Form (docx file)