Information and details about the MG  seeds for scholarships

 Attached is the listing of the MG scholarship winners since the inception of the awards. We did Purdue first and then added IVYtech in 2011. We have an agreement with both schools that a faculty group decides the winner**, get permission to share the name with our organization and then a check is presented.  We present the check and introduce the winner at MG meetings. WE give thePU scholarship in May and to Ivytech in late summer.  

I am the chair and sole member of the Scholarship Comm; it is a one person committee. I havenot always recorded thehometown or the dollar amount of the award. The amount of the award has steadily increased over the years and I am very proud that the members  of the MGATC have been so generous. I believe that much of the $$ come from the Seed Committee. I donot know that %. 
Ann Hunt

** based on an agreement that we have of the requirements. These requirements have been approved by the MGATC Executive Comm. 

I have attached the IVtech requirementsbut, unfortunately, I had a hard drive fail a few years ago and lost the PU requirements. The faculty, Mike Dana, has that listing.  One of the PU requirements has to do with being enrolled in a Hort major, grades and activities, being a mature student if possible ( returning student) and the evaluations of the faculty members.  

MGATC Seeds for Scholarship winners

MG Seeds for Scholarhips IVY Tech agreement (retyped .docx)