Outstanding Master Gardener Support person of the Year – Lynn Layden
This is a new award this year for presentation to the Master Gardener member who contributed greatly to our association primarily in a support role-not in actual gardening as we normally think of it .

The individual earning this award for 2016 devoted much time to planning gardening events and helping with associated activities. Such as:
Volunteering at our 2016 State Conference.
Always supporting our Garden Expo
Preparing and presenting Public Workshops.
Primary coordinator for the annual Art In Bloom.
Very supportive of West Lafayette and Lafayette tree projects.
An active volunteer as a LNC Docent.
Our current By-Laws committee chairperson.
A past President and Treasure of our association.
And is our go to person when we need legal advice.

Accumulating 325 volunteer hours and 37 education hours during 2016, it is a great pleasure to present the first MGATC "Support" person of the year award to a hard working member, since 1997.
A very deserving Lynn Layden.

Outstanding Master Gardener “Rookie” of the Year – Margot Schuerman This is also a new award this year for presentation to the Master Gardener Intern who contributed the greatest number of volunteer hours and positive enthusiasm for the period starting with the beginning of the 2015 MG class and ending December 31, 2016.

Several Intern Gardeners were under consideration for this award and in the end it was decided mainly by number of volunteer hours performed during the period under consideration.

The winner of this award volunteered during class and throughout 2016 while working full time and maintaining a Community Garden Plot. This Rookie gardener volunteered in the Demonstration Garden, Display & Idea Garden and helped with the 2016 State Conference. It is wonderful to see new class graduates take such a huge interest in gardening right out of the gate and help maintain weed free gardens.

This person earned 81.5 volunteer hours and 45.0 education hours for the period of time under consideration. It is with much pride and admiration that the MGATC presents the first Outstanding Master Gardener "Rookie" of the year award to a hardworking Intern.
Congratulations to Margot Schuerman